Embassy opens the doors for UCSJ students

Embassy opens the doors for UCSJ students
Thursday 19th of January the Vietnamese Ambassador in Denmark, Mr. Vu Van Luu, welcomed 20 UCSJ students and employees, when they visited the Vietnamese Embassy in Copenhagen.

During the next 2 weeks University College Zealand sends 36 students in practical placements and for clinical studies in a number of different institutions in Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, and this is the direct reference to the visit at the Embassy. 

The Ambassador has previously visited University College Zealand and offered to contribute to the preparation of the students, prior to their 3-6 months visit to his home country. And there is plenty to prepare for.  

Vietnam is a country undergoing a thriving development, but also a country building on an ancient culture, paying deep respect to the forefathers, the elders in society, social conventions and the highly appreciated local dishes. 

The Ambassador carefully and with great humor explained about the Vietnamese cuisine, and the "do's and don'ts" of Vietnam. All valuable points and pieces of information, you need once you decide to settle down in a new country for 3 or 6 months. 

The students were curious and had lots of questions for the Ambassador - so now University College Zealand will try to repeat such information meetings at the Embassy at a yearly basis. For further information please contact University College Zealand, the International Office: Sylvia Oreifig: sor@ucsj.dk


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