Interdisciplinary Health Care Provision in a Global Perspective

Interested in a Global and Interdisciplinary Approach to Health Care?

University College Zealand, Denmark offers the 30 ECTS bachelor-level course Interdisciplinary Health Care Provision in a Global Perspective.

In a globalised society, where health profes­sionals are often faced with complex health issues that demand intercultural and interdisciplinary competences, strengthening people-centered health care and public health capacity is a high priority around the world.

Interdisciplinary Health Care Provision in a Global Perspective aims at developing students’ abilities to meet the increasingly high demands for new and innovative approaches to health care in a globalized world.

What will I learn?
You will learn how to study and work in an international, interdisciplinary, creative context and how to appreciate the influence of diversity and multicultural needs upon health care provision.  This includes learning how to support citizens’ health promotion through a life-course approach as well as developing and implementing new and innovative welfare technologies in a citizen-orientated context.

The course will also focus on:

  • International health care strategies and their influence upon health care provision.
  • International innovative welfare tech­nology strategies and their influence upon client support and public health.
  • Empowerment in a global perspective: building resilience and the capacity to promote health and prevent disease.
  • Cultural influences upon health care.

How is the course structured?
The course is comprised by two 10-week modules. Module 1 is attended by international as well as Danish students, and provides a theoretical foundation for interdisciplinary health care in a global perspective. Module 2 is an individually planned clinical placement at a health care facility in Denmark, which is tailored to students’ academic requirements.

Who can apply, and where does the course take place?
Students enrolled in one of the following programmes at their home institution may apply: Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Physical Therapy and Biomedical Laboratory Science.
The theoretical part of the course takes place at our campus in Næstved, only one hour away from Copenhagen, while the clinical placement may take place at other locations in the region.


Students pay for own accommodation, travel expenses, local transport, health insurance and living expenses.

Tuition is free of charge for students from our international partner institutions.

If you are not an EU citizen and your institution is not part of our Nordplus networks, Erasmus Programme or otherwise have a bilateral agreement with us, there is for the course a tuition fee of € 3500

To have your application form and exam papers processed, we require a non-refundable registration fee of EURO 150 payable in advance. If you are accepted into the programme, the 150€ are deducted from the payment of the module.

The registration fee is payable to the following account:

Danske Bank
IBAN: DK030 216 4069077 994

Interdisciplinary Health Care Provision

February 6 – May 31, 2017

  • Module 1, Theory: 6 February - 14 April
  • Module 2, Training: 18 April - 31 May (for international students only)
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